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Jason Kahn
"Space Text Sound"
Editions 006 book

12x17 cm
244 pages
ISBN 978-3-033-06072-2

Space Text Sound documents text material used in three of my recent installations: An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Hong Kong (After Perec) (2016), Drifting (2016) and Other Ghosts (2015). All three of these works investigate the nexus points between the production of space through sound and how text can be used to reflect on this process. I’m interested in how words can convey the sense of place sounds can and, beyond this, how these words impart a feeling for inner spaces, often more commonly referred to as reading between the lines. By entering this inner space of text we can also approach the notion of hearing between the sounds, sensitizing ourselves to that void where spaces form, mutate, collide. Reading through these texts after the installations were long over, I found that they stood on their own apart from the greater works they were initially a component of and therefore valid standing on their own presented in book form.


When I entered
the courtyard
only ventilator
hum and swinging
broom whisking
Beijing dust to
the street
from where it
came and to
which I return
bicycle bell
warning my


From my balcony
the drum tower
a dark shape
on the
night is falling
soft music sifts
across the houses
to disappear in
a corridor of
traffic marking
the end of
the night.


Price including post to Europe: 18.00 euros

Price including post to rest of the world: 20.00 euros

Jason Kahn
Editions 005 Double LP

Jason Kahn // electronics, voice, percussion, environmental recordings

Edition of 250
Heavy weight 180 gram vinyl.
Hand-painted covers on thick gray cardboard.

Composed January 2014 to April 2016.
Mastering, liner notes and LP artwork Jason Kahn.

Many thanks to the Popkredit/City of Zürich for their generous support.

Download liner notes here.

In the field of philosophy monads are often referred to as the elementary particles which combine to create a substance. In the context of this double LP, the title refers to the constituent facets of my musical activity: namely, percussion, electronics, environmental recording and voice. What ties these different pursuits together is my particular approach to composition. No matter what sound material I work with, the outcome – at least to my ears – reflects a certain compositional methodology and approach to working with sound in general. I thought it would be interesting to place these four sound groups together as distinct compositions, not only as a means of focusing on the compositional similarities but as a challenge to myself.

Side A: Electronics (18.32)

Side B: Voice (17.59)

Side C: Percussion (17.59)

Side D: Environment (18.00)


Price including post to Europe: 25.00 euros

Price including post to rest of the world: 30.00 euros


Mikroton Recordings
mikroton cd51

Günter Müller // ipods, electronics
Jason Kahn - analogue synthesizer, radio, mixing board
Norbert Möslang // cracked everyday-electronics

Recorded in concert at Les Instants Chavirés
Paris on June 8, 2012 by Benjamin Pagier.
Mixed and mastered by Norbert Möslang.


Price including post to Europe: 12.00 euros

Price including post to rest of the world: 14.00 euros

Le son du grisli [revue]

90 pages
19 X 21 cm
ISSN : 2498-4043

Jason Kahn
Sven-Åke Johansson
Manifeste des Peintres Futuristes
La Monte Young
Nurse With Wound
Zbigniew Karkowski